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Chelsea has her Master of Public Health with a concentration in healthcare management and policy. She is utilizing her degree and 8-plus years of experience in public health, healthcare, and higher education to support public health entrepreneurs and professionals administratively, operationally, and creatively grow and scale their businesses.

Chelsea prides herself on always being very organized and finding innovative ways to make her life simple. She has helped others organize their life and businesses and become more productive. She loves to come in and see how people do things and come up with a better way to do it. Chelsea is also a travel agent who has planned and organized multiple group trips. She loves to make sure people have an amazing travel experience. And she enjoys providing support to growing and busy entrepreneurs!

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Dr. Joyee Washington Ph.D., MS, MPH, MCHES
CEO of Joyee Washington Public Health Consulting

"I love working with The Virtual Collab because they make it so easy and take the load off my plate! Being an entrepreneur is hard, but when you can delegate tasks to someone you trust, it makes all the difference in the world! Getting help with my social media gave me more space to focus on revenue-generating activities."

"I love working with The Virtual Collab because they make it so easy and take the load off my plate!"

Kimberly Green-Warren, MPH
CEO of SMART Health Education

"I loved working with the Virtual Collab because Chelsea helped me with a project that has been hovering on my to-do list for such a long time. Chelsea is extremely communicative, thorough, and thoughtful and I appreciate her support in helping me complete this project of creating an email marketing funnel."

"Chelsea is extremely communicative, thorough, and thoughtful."

Olivia Umoren, MPH
CEO of LIV Consulting & Career Services

" As a relatively new small business, there was a major need for standardized processes and procedures as well as associated documentation. Chelsea and Jordan took time to understand the mission of my business as well as the desired flow of services provided to our clients and internal communication. The end product was a Contract Handbook and a Client Services Guide that has truly become a great resource for me and our consultants at LIV Consulting & Career Services. 

"The Virtual Collab not only delivered but they provided the final products to me SO much quicker than I would have been able to do on my own.

Vanessa Da Costa, MPH 
CEO OF Chilombo Consulting

"I enjoyed working with the Virtual Collab, they helped us finish work streams we put on the back burner (SOPs) and keep our social media content consistent and ongoing throughout the contract. Finding time to design graphics for social media and schedule them has always been a challenge so having that gap filled alongside some support with content creation was key."

"I enjoyed working with the Virtual Collab, they helped us finish work streams we put on the back burner."

Zoila Reyna, MPH 
CEO OF Public Health Hired

"I highly recommend working with The Virtual Collab!!! They are very thorough, anticipates challenges and comes to the table with solutions for business management! Can't recommend them enough!"

"Can't recommend them enough!"

DR. Zenobia Bryant, PhD
CEO & Founder of Black Health Black Wealth

"I love working with Chelsea because she is extremely passionate about assisting her clients. She helped me to streamline my social media posts and create engaging social media posts!"

"She is extremely passionate about assisting her clients."

Savannah Anderson, MSN, RN, CEO
Final Draft Healthcare Solutions, PLLC

"She helped me finalize my social media posting cycle and schedule so I have been able to post consistently for 4 months straight for the first time since starting my business. This has in turn helped my social media page grow and made it much easier for me to keep up with posting every day. Chelsea also created some awesome templates for my reels and made it easy for me to create posts in bulk to share content continuously. I plan to use The Virtual Collab again for future projects."

"I highly recommend The Virtual Collab. Chelsea is very organized and knowledgeable."

Melicia C. Whitt-Glover, Ph.D. 
Executive Director, Council on Black Health

"I seriously need to know what salary you would need to be full-time. You are a Godsend!"

"You are a Godsend!"

Dr. Latoya Trowers-Bell/Public Health Professional 

"I worked with Chelsea on a research grant project. I was blown away by her attention to detail, turnaround time, and professionalism. There was never an instance when a task was assigned and was not completed to perfection. I truly value her feedback and attention to detail for the project and I look forward to working with her again in the future on other projects. I highly recommend Chelsea to anyone seeking Virtual Assistant services."

"There was never an instance when a task was assigned and was not completed to perfection"

Ari & Romell Bennett/Event Planning Client

"We are in the beginning stages of wedding planning and Chelsea has taken such a load off our shoulders with sourcing and reaching out to countless vendors. She has also done an amazing job problem solving as there have been many times when we hit bumps in the road and she was able to offer different solutions and alternatives. Overall, Chelsea is making this experience less stressful for us and we look forward to working with her on future events!"

"Chelsea is making this experience less stressful"

Chelsea Dunham/CEO of The Nurse Whiz 

"I hired Chelsea to create four logos and two promotional videos for my new Etsy business. I'm a new grad nurse in the middle of studying for my NCLEX and Chelsea was able to take off some of my load and she did 10000x better than I would've done myself or even imagined! Her turnaround time was so quick, that I was shocked. She over delivered and really paid attention to what I wanted!! She is organized, professional, creative, and gives the BEST advice on expanding your business. Do yourself a favor and book her! Start your year off right!!"

"She over delivered and really paid attention to what I wanted!"

Hydia Hunter/ Travel Planning Client

"I hired Chelsea to help assist me in planning my birthday trip. This process has been smooth and transparent. Chelsea is effective in what she does and good at communicating and resolving any issues that popped up. She has been great at organizing the whole trip and making sure every little detail is figured out. I definitely will be booking again and highly recommend her!"

"Chelsea is effective in what she does and good at communicating and resolving any issues that popped up."

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